HCMS Recommends 3 Ways to Advocate for Pain Management Reform

1. File A Complaint With The ADA

Suffering & Denied Your Prescription?

Chronic pain qualifies as a disability. If you suffering and have been denied your prescription, file a complaint with the United States Justice Department Civil Rights Division through the Americans With Disabilities Act. You have rights to be treated. 

2. Sign the Petition


Adults Experienced Pain in Past 3 Months

Million Americans Suffer From Chronic Pain


Of Americans Have Experienced Pain Every Day For Past 3 Months

Help Pain Patients By Stopping Baseless Refusals of Valid Prescriptions

Sign the petition on Change.org for the Ohio Governor and Congress to approve a certification process linking all responsible parties in the treatment of pain and addiction along with regulations to end the baseless restrictions on prescriptions for chronic pain management.

3. Connect With Other Patients And Advocates

Participate In The Next Pain Rally Near You

Join the Don’t Punish Pain Facebook Group to connect with others working to organize rallies/protests throughout the United States. Another rally is scheduled in major cities on Wednesday, May 22th, 2019. Protests will be held at your state’s capitol, ERs, hospitals, pain management centers, CDC, FDA, DEA, Department of Health, CVS, parks, and other venues that are suitable to receive media coverage. The focus is to raise awareness and provide a voice to the neglect that the chronically ill community/pain patients have experienced due to the new CDC guidelines, the DEA, and the FDA’s involvement.

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